I love old photos!

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So just got a new computer, and the one thing I have loved about it is, i have had to go through all my old photos. Some really good memories and some "oh lord I still have that?!" lol I did find a GREAT album and I thought I'd share it. It is of my bird, Kelly. The thing that makes this so great is, they were all taken without her knowing it over the webcam when we were doing the long distant thing. I hope you like them as much as I did :)

So Since we were doing the long distance thing for so long, I tried to find things that would make her laugh and after sending it to her, I was make her get on the webcam so I could see her reaction. Here are some that I got pictures of.

This is a few that I took in a row...I think she was the best facials EVER!!!

Will Power...

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I never in my life thought I couldn't do something. In sports, school, or just in life. But for some reason I can't find the will power to over power my bad habit. I don't know why I do it and from this moment on I don't care.

This is my public statement, a way of stepping out of my immaturity and into the adult world.

I WILL have the will power to be the person I should be, and live my life in a way worthy of the people in it. My childhood habits have gone on long enough and it is time to move on.

Good bye to college DK, he is gone and now lets see what kind of DK shows himself now.

God, give me the strength I need. MYLYD

Video #1

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Matthew and I have decided to share our newly found passion for video making. We'll have a blog up and running soon but for now, here is Video #1.


The Plane Ride of My Life

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I have traveled quite a bit in my life. From within the United States I've been to Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Washington. I have even been across the ocean, all the way to England. I couldn’t even tell you how many hours I have spent on air planes, and I really don’t want to know.

However, there was one flight that I wish I was still on. It was the greatest night of my life, because it was the first time I was ever speechless. It was the flight were my, soon to be fiancĂ©, said to me for the first time “I love you”. Those were the words I was waiting to hear for months and never heard them, and just when we were touching up back in California she said those three words to me.

I will never, no matter how long my life last, forget those words and the feelings I had when I heard them. You might say I didn’t walk off that plane with anything more then what I come on with, but I came on that plane with my girlfriend and I left with the love of my life.

The Time Apart

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There is a lot you can learn about yourself when you're other haft is not with you. You can learn how much you truly love them, or how the things they do make you smile. But the thing I have learned is, how much of a better person I am with them next to me. However, the thing that beats them all is, over this time apart I have become a better person just having her as my own. Now, she doesn't have to be next to me for me to act the way I should. She doesn't need to wonder what I am doing because I don't need to lie to her. I don't need to hide the things I do from her because she wants me to be happy and wants to do those things with me. She doesn’t care what I have done, and she doesn’t care about the people I have been with. My history is just something, something that is not what we are now, and is something to learn from and not hold in front of my face when I mess up. She has shown me how it is to be loved, and by doing that, she has shown me how to love with no other desire but to hold that other person in my arms. She is the light I don't mind getting woken up by, her voice is the only noise I want to hear before the sun comes up. And her breath is the only thing I want to smell before we brush our teeth.It is not how much we love each other that make what we have special, it is how easy it is to love each other that makes us special. Without her I was lost, without her I had no love, without her nothing mattered. But now I have something to reach for, something to work at and something I want.
Playing in the NFL is not my dream. Have a life and a family with her is my dream. The NFL is just how I plan to pay for it.
Get ready summer, because you haven't seen this much love before.

Waiting is the Hardest Part…

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“All good things come to those who wait” Well I have one up on those waiters. All amazing things will come to me if I can make it to June 12th. There are always feelings when you are going home after a long time gone. The feelings might be good, or bad, but no matter what there will always be something that you feel. I have been waiting to go home since before I left the last time. Just knowing what that feeling of holding you true love in your arms, there is no better feeling that I have found in 22 years. The thought of having her in my arms, the place where I can keep her safe and make her feel better when she is sad, is something that I hold most precious. Never once have I had so much planned for one summer, and this summer is the most special to me. It is the first summer with my true love, the women that keeps me grounded, and makes me better. I can’t help thinking of how lame my summer would have been if she weren’t in my life today.

For summer, well you tell me if you think I’ve been thinking about it at all…

The “To Do” List
1) Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
2) Dinner Dates
3) Dance Clubs
4) Sunday’s at the Marina
5) Baseball Games
6) Our “appointments
7) Double Dates
8) Weekend Trip to New York
9) Picnic at the Park
10) Making Breakfast for Her
11) Laying Together and Watching a T.V.
12) Tea Dates
13) Shopping Trips
14) Teaching Her How to Cook
15) Kissing Her Everyday

Wait...Can It Really?!?!

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Can your virginity grow back? I think mine has and all I can do know is sit there and watch...haha